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1994 Laser Radial & Standard

  • Laser in very good condition, updated/racing control lines.

  • Dolly in very good condition, new wheels.

  • Both standard and radial rig (Radial rig brand new from Intensity Sails).

  • Brand new radial sail from Intensity Sails (+ very old standard sail).

  • Cover in good condition.

  • Brand new blade bag.

I bought this boat last year wanting to try Laser sailing (Lasers are just so cool!). But the caring, feeding and racing of my other sailboat takes all my time so I just never got to sail this one. I bought a radial rig, radial sail and blade bag for it and have never used them, so they are still in brand new condition.

Pictures available here.

Price: asking $2,700

Contact: EJ at

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