Launching & Storage

The majority of the fleet launches from Riverside Yacht Club, with a few joining us from Indian Harbor, Belle Haven, and Old Greenwich Yacht Clubs.  GLR fleet members typically arrive at the club around 1200 hours with an unofficial harbor start of 1300 hours (weather dependent).  We have a limited number of guest memberships available for Greenwich Laser Racing participants which provides summer storage and launching from Riverside Yacht Club.  The guest membership is $350 for Adult Storage and $150 for Youth Storage (25 and under).  Guest members will need to race at least 50% of the time to be invited back the following season.  Please note that guest members are only permitted to use their boats and pool house bathroom facilities on official GLR race days unless hosted by a Riverside Yacht Club member. 

Riverside Yacht Club provides our GLR fleet with a dedicated set of Laser storage racks across from the tennis courts as pictured below.  GLR fleet members are required to fill these storage rack slots before overflowing into nearby parking spaces.  All GLR participants who store their Lasers at the Club will have a small sticker placed on their boats so that Club Waterways can identify them.  

The fleet captain(s) will communicate when Lasers can be brought down to RYC and boats should not be delivered prior to this date (typically the Sunday of memorial Day weekend).  Please check in with the Waterways staff in the dock house prior to dropping off your boats.  Also, please note that trailers are not permitted in the storage area.  Boats should be stored on our storage rack or if full onto a dolly near the rack.

All GLR Lasers should be removed from the parking lot after the final Sunday of racing in September. Boats in the parking lot beyond the cut off date may be subject to RYC winter storage fees for RYC Members as of Sept 30th, and for non-member or guests, at the discretion of the waterways department, boats may be removed and or disposed.

Everyone's cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated to help us stay in good standing with our host Riverside Yacht Club. 

Please contact our Fleet Captains for additional information.